the grading system for jefferson med is a goodbad thing. good because most people will PASS but not HONOR, and “pass” encompasses anything between a 70% and 89%. so you got a 74 in anatomy? don’t worry, the kid next to you who got a 89 has the exact same grade as you: PASS.

(although they do eventually rank/tier everyone..)

but what do you do when there’s 1 quiz and 1 test left to wrap up a course, and so far you need a 103% to honors (aka = impossible) and a 47% to pass (…i’m not THAT dumb…)?? 

mind has clearly checked out for the rest of biochem. uh oh.


useless things

i ate too much for dinner, and i am sooo…..full.

we hung some of our honeymoon pictures in a collage frame above the desk, and it makes me miss those 5 carefree, endless days in jamaica when i was 1) super tan, 2) not a full-time employee anymore, 3) not a med student yet, and 4) a newlywed wife. the beach and 90 degree weather sound so good right now…

i am definitely never going to be an oncologist. our cancer module, while mildly interesting, is a tad too biochemical and complicated for me to want to pursue. plus, it’s bad timing to try to pique my interest - it’s right after thanksgiving and just before christmas!! mind = on other things.

i told my community group ladies last night that it was going to be my first time being “home alone”….ever. at least for longer than 1 night. with hubby in georgia this week for a work trip, i found myself irrationally getting anxious about his safety and mine. but so thankful for my sisters in christ, who showed genuine love and care in the way they prayed for me and in their actions after the bible study ended. i was hesitant about attending a bible study group where hubs and i are the only ones in our 20s (not to mention the only asians), but we have been so blessed by this group since we joined it in september.

excited to become “in Covenant” with our church (their term for becoming a member) this sunday!



Exactly 1 year ago, the Philly crew (me, Minji, Luke, Behzad) and my then-boyfriend headed up for a “spontaneous” road trip to our alma mater, Cornell University. Little did I know that this would be the weekend of the Epic Proposal, created and master-minded by amazing boyfriend Yunseok Mark Jeong… then organized, coordinated, and executed by almost every single one of our dear family and friends! 

I can’t think of a better way it could have happened.

A whirlwind “tour” through my life to show God’s love and guidance through each stage - which was appropriately broken up into the countries I’d lived in. And then the messages, performances, letters from friends and family in Canada, Korea, Mongolia, Germany, Venezuela, and Cornell. Prayers from our KCCE brothers & sisters after each country.

And then the grand climax - a candle-lit pathway in One World Room leading to a handmade bench (you know how I love benches), marked “YS <3 EP”. A beautiful layout for a beautiful proposal… which was the only part of the entire day that didn’t get recorded, on video or in my mind. But that’s ok; I know that at the end, he got down on one knee, asked me to be his wife, and I said yes.

Just a few seconds of privacy before the music started, queuing our friends from all 3 entrances of One World Room to come flooding in. A blur of a moment surrounded by so many people that cared about us, prayed for us, and had driven for hours just to celebrate with us. In that moment, we felt so surrounded with love. God’s love, our love, the love of the body of Christ.

Every time I think back to this day, I’m humbled at the sovereignty and perfectness with which God led me to “the one” (despite my efforts to stay away…muhaha). He alone knows what is best, and He continues to lead us with the same Fatherly love and discipline. Thank you, Father, for such tangible evidence of You.

So anyways, I’m beyond thankful that the most eligible bachelor in my world decided to pick me :)


med school


NOT cool.


I grew up in the world’s most polluted city.

This article from CNBC lists the 10 most polluted cities in the world. It’s not hard to believe that UB, Mongolia ranks as the most polluted city. Read the whole article if you have time, but here’s the excerpt of Mongolia below! I can’t imagine how bad UB dwellers’ lungs must be…

10. Kuwait

9. Nigeria

8. Iran

7. United Arab Emirates

6. Egypt

5. Saudi Arabia

4. Senegal

3. Pakistan

2. Botswana

1. Mongolia

Pollution level: 279 ug/m3

Mongolia is the world’s most polluted country and also home to one of the world’s most polluted cities — Ulaanbaatar.

The city of 1.2 million accounts for about 45 percent of Mongolia’s population. During the coldest months of the year — December to February — Ulaanbaatar’s horizon is completely hidden behind a thick grey-brown smoky haze.

The country’s main sources of pollution are its traditional coal-fuelled stoves and boilers used for heating and cooking, as well as congested traffic and old cars. Heating is essential for the survival of its people for about eight months of year. The country uses everything from coal, wood to refuse, such as black tar-dipped bricks and old car tires to fuel stoves and boilers. Ulaanbaatar’s dry climate and severe windstorms further worsen its dangerous levels of airborne dust.

Rapid urbanization has also been a major factor behind the country’s pollution problem. Ulaanbaatar’s population has expanded by 70 percent over the last 20 years with the city’s infrastructure unable to keep up with growth. With an air pollution level 14-times higher than the WHO’s standard threat level, the number of premature deaths, chronic bronchitis and respiratory related hospital admissions are on a rapid rise. The government has been trying to mitigate the problems by introducing measures such as cleaner coal-based fuel and modern stoves to address its pollution crisis.


just got really frustrated flipping through my Netter’s Atlas of Anatomy, looking for that illustration of the stomach & its arteries…. the only problem was, i was looking through the thorax chapter. it took a few minutes to remember that the stomach is actually under the diaphragm, in the abdomen.

anatomy cumulative final in 4 days. I’M SO READY! muhahaha


Already mid-October

October 15: cambodian senior health fair

October 19: my 24th birthday

October 21: my cumulative anatomy final exam & practical

October 21-23: liberti fairmount church retreat for newcomers

October 23: 3-month wedding anniversary (month-iversary?)

October is a good month. :)

Please tell me where I can do this! Ever since I watched Tangled I&#8217;ve wondered what a lantern festival really looks like in person. Do they use real fire? How far up do these things actually go? What if it backfires and all the lanterns come right back down and cause a huge fire? Whatever the answers, I&#8217;m sure it&#8217;s a magical experience.
Someday I will partake in a lantern festival (after making sure backfires don&#8217;t happen). But for now it&#8217;s back to the books, tumblrers! I can&#8217;t wait for this [postexam] weekend to arrive&#8230;

Please tell me where I can do this! Ever since I watched Tangled I’ve wondered what a lantern festival really looks like in person. Do they use real fire? How far up do these things actually go? What if it backfires and all the lanterns come right back down and cause a huge fire? Whatever the answers, I’m sure it’s a magical experience.

Someday I will partake in a lantern festival (after making sure backfires don’t happen). But for now it’s back to the books, tumblrers! I can’t wait for this [postexam] weekend to arrive…


i failed to make it to class all of last week. kind of an off-week in terms of productivity and studying. but i will (MUST) pick up the pace, because next week has double the lectures AND dissections. 

i’ll end my lame update with this: 

do not eat unhealthy food. exercise. live a healthy life.

my cadaver (unofficially voted the largest and youngest cadaver in the lab) obviously didn’t. and we waste countless hours just scraping away fat after fat after fat….. scooping out poop, endless poop (from a rectum we weren’t supposed to cut)….

and don’t smoke.


med school, day 4

we’ve only had 3 days of class so far and i feel like i’ve already learned so much. these kids are crazy - class starts at 9, but seats start to fill up before 8:30. everyone’s fighting for the coveted “table” seats in the front, the ones that have long tables and outlets for each seat. no one wants to get stuck in the back with the dinky chairs that have tiny foldable tables. but to come to class 40 minutes early??? overachievers, pfff. 

school is so interesting! i love the patient sessions (even if some of them are “standardized”), and the lectures where they correlate the anatomy that we’re learning with clinical manifestations. who knew that back problems could be so closely associated with lung disease?? 

anyways, i am so blessed to finally be in med school and to have an opportunity to get my medical training in the US. the quality of education here really is top notch; my parents are amazed at how well they structured our curriculum (they’re comparing it to the chinese med schools they teach at). 

more than that, though, i am truly blessed to have a husband to support me and be with me through med school. i’ve been driven to school and picked up every single day since orientation started last week (wow). whenever i cook he always insists on doing the dishes so i can have more time to study. he makes sure my nalgene bottle is full of water when i leave for school, since i “need to stay hydrated” while i’m studying. and he’s so patient when i’m stressed, caring when i’m tired, and eats everything i make him(!!). and i can bug him whenever i want a study break. and he lets me drink his bacchus-D (korean version of redbull) when i need energy to study more (apparently this wasn’t the original intent of the bacchus gift *ahermSETH* but that’s for another entry….or never…). so thankful to have ys :)

anyway, i hope my rusty brain can hurry up and come out of its two-year hibernation. i need some hardcore brain juices if i’m gonna take in all this information and not have a spasm… 


in the past 14 days i got married, went on my honeymoon, started med school, and got white coated by my physician parents. 

it’s been such a whirlwind of a summer and i can’t believe it’s already coming to a close.

our house is [finally] all cleaned and organized [almost], my parents’ precious month-long stay on the east coast is over, and i’m starting my first day of classes tomorrow. i’m so thankful that, in all these busy and life-changing events, God has remained ever present in our lives. already using our marriage to teach me about Christ and His love for us, His church; guiding my new friendships in med school; allowing visa, apartment, etc. logistics to fall into place. 

marriage & med school year 1, BRING IT ON!! :D




fast forward x230592

Lord, it’s been crazy beyond belief. july 1-7 doesn’t feel like 7 days, but more like 20 days. wedding planning is no joke. going from philly to maryland to philly to maryland to philly in a span of 7 days is exhausting. moving into the new apartment, cleaning, and furnishing it has been and will take out huge chunks of time. i was gonna go to canada next week to change my visa status for med school but things have become twisted and complicated with international student loan issues so i might have to go to canada the week of the wedding - or worse, cross the border the day before school starts. i hope i never have to write as many emails per day as i am writing right now - wedding stuff, apartment stuff, traveling stuff, visa/loan stuff. i apologize if some of my emails don’t start with a “hello how are you” or end with my name. (silver lining: after this experience, planning a dinner party for 6 people will be such a piece of cake!)

thank you, those of you who are involved in our wedding or helping out in some way, for your patience with my emails/calls and delay in getting schedules and such out. i’m learning so much about God’s grace from the grace you’re extending to me. thank you, awesome wonderful hot fiance, for being such a great supporter, and for always being a source of peace, perspective, and rest. thanks for being so good with my family and for joyfully & willingly spending every single day this past month with them. and thank you Father, for using this month to push me face to face with my inadequacies and sins. teaching me to have patience, grace, generosity, humility. and for bringing my godly parents to america in the month that i need them most.

i am SO looking forward to july 23. this craziness has an expiration date…..

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